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Vaults Store

Vaults Store

  Strategy, Portfolio and Tax Management vaults

  Performance tracking and benchmarking

  Launch your own vault with our framework

  All known vaults in one place

Vaults Store
Software Solutions

Software Solutions

  Ready to use and easy to install exchange solutions

  Optional licensing via smart contract


VST Token

The Vaults Store Token (VST) is founded on the principle of token governance, and enabling token holders to share in success of the protocol.

VST Utility

Trading Solutions


The token will lead governance of the Dimensions Network DeFi protocol, and give holders the opportunity to shape the evolution of the protocol.

Trading Solutions


Be rewarded when the community votes on distributing the profit generated by our Vaults Store & Solutions Licensing

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VST Token Sale

Check out Vaults Network for more information

Farm VST

VST Farming

Farm VST by participating in Vaults Network products