The Primary Sale is Coming Soon

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DST more than just a Token

Why not earn while you hold? With the DST token, you share 15% of our trading fees and receive ETH straight to your Dimensions Network or Ethereum wallet.

Find out more about the rewards or try our Rewards Calculator below.

Token Utility Token Utility

The DST Token has three key features which you can enjoy.

15% Rewards
15% Rewards

Get a Share of 15% Trading Fees from the Dimensions Platform

VIP Access
VIP Discount

Trading Fee Discounts when you hold DST Token

Token Airdrops
Exclusive Access

Airdrops of New Projects Listing / Launching on the Dimensions Platform

Rewards Calculator

Share in the success of Dimensions Network. Use our calculator to find out what the DST Token rewards could look like.

Rewards based on 5,000 ETH raised during the token sale, and all tokens vested.

Daily Trading Volume (Millions of Dollars):
Average Trading Fee on Exchange (Percent):

Trading volumes for the major exchanges can be found here

Token Sale Info Token Sale Info

The Dimensions Token Sale is broken down into three key stages to enable us to raise funds as we progress along our roadmap.

This funding model is aligned with the best practises seen in the traditional funding market, where funding is raised throughout the various stages of a company’s development.

Seed Sale
Seed Sale

2,000 ETH Hardcap
1 ETH minimum contribution
Sale Complete Oct 2018
50% Token Bonus

Primary Sale
Primary Sale

8,000 ETH Hardcap
0.1 ETH minimum contribution
Target date Q1 2019
DST trading starts three weeks after completion of the sale

Final Sale
Final Sale

20,000 ETH Hardcap
0.1 ETH minimum contribution
Target date Q3 2019

Symbol DST
Classification Rewards / Utility
Decimals 18
Type ERC-20
Total Hardcap 30,000 ETH
Token Price 1 ETH : 4800 DST
Token Tracker See Etherscan
Hard & Soft Cap
Hard & Soft Cap

Hardcap of 30,000 ETH to fund Dimensions Network roadmap.
No Softcap.

Token Issuance
Token Issuance

Tokens purchased in the Seed Sale will be sent within three weeks of completion of the sale. Tokens purchased during the Primary and Final sales will immediately be available in your wallet.
KYC is mandatory during the token sale, and tokens will be moveable three weeks after the token sale finishes.

Token Price
Token Price

The conversion rate is 1 ETH to 4800 DST.
Minimum contribution of 0.1 ETH

Circulating Supply
Circulating Supply

Tokens are created automatically when contributions are received by the smart contract in the Primary and Final Sales, so no excess tokens will ever exist. The circulating supply will only be know once the token sale has finished.


We will offer a 50% bonus during the Seed Sale.


DST performs in three key areas: Rewards, Fee Discounts and Exclusive Access to new promotions.

Token Distribution Token Distribution
Token Distribution
Tokens are transferable three weeks after the sale ends Token Distribution
Road Map Road Map Timeline
The Team The Team
Stephen Mullens

10 year Corporate Manager. Expert on Corporate Governance, Risk Management, Research and Remote Operations. C, Java Script, Visual Basic, Python, PHP, SQL, HTML

Rin Chwe Me
Head of Operations

Serial Entrepreneur, Founder of several startups in Southeast Asia, and an expert at SME business development and regulatory compliance.

Manu Datta

Technologist, Project Manager and Senior Developer for Major International Banks; Including Standard Chartered, Barclays, Morgan Stanley, CLSA and Lehman Brothers

Navneet Kumar
Core Developer

Core Developer. Former Senior Business Analyst. Erlang / OTP, Python, Google App Engine, Google NoSQL Datastore, Google Cloud SQL

Tan Wee Ching

C, C++, Java, Visual Basic .NET, SQL.

Suba Shiniie

HTML, AngulaJS, Angula2, PHP, Java, Java Script, Knockout, Laravel. Former UI developer for Uber.

The Advisors The Advisors
Glynn Farrow
Blockchain Advisor

Software Consultant and Blockchain Developer with industry experience and ties to numerous blockchain developments.

Dipesh Sharma
Derivatives Advisor

Veteran Derivatives Project Manager from the FinTech Industry. Extensive derivatives product development and pricing experience.

James Murray
Exchange Advisor

18 year experienced e-FX Broker and High Frequency liquidity provider with a solid track record of developing FX agency desks and a Prime of Prime offering in London and New York. Cross asset experience with a structured project management skillset.

Quentin Abrahams
Strategy Advisor

With roots in digital currency and blockchain technology investing, Quentin is a specialist in taking complex technical projects and platforms from the ideation phase to launch and support. He has worked with leading startups in raising capital and business development. Previous industry experience: big data, finance, and healthcare.

Tyler Ward
Marketing Advisor

Coming from a digital marketing and strategy background, Tyler is a business growth specialist who has a consistent track record of taking businesses from concept to profitability by supporting sales and marketing functions. Tyler has been a part of numerous successful exits in the SaaS and Ecommerce industries throughout the duration of his career.

Security Advisor

15 years of experience in the areas of Finance, IT Governance, Risk and Compliance. Seasoned security expert with a proven track record for implementation of regulatory and self-regulated requirements for Asset Management, Equity, Industries, IB and Banks for the OCC, FINMA, BAFIn, FSA and MAS.