Verify Address & Complete KYC


Please follow the below instructions to verify your Ethereum and Email Addresses. This process requires you to sign a message using your private key, and then paste the result in the above text box. Please note that during this process your private key does not leave your computer / hardware wallet. There is no charge/fee for this process as this is not published on the blockchain.

After your contribution is confirmed, you will receive an email with a KYC invitation link. Please open this link on your mobile phone and go through the KYC steps. Please ensure that your ID and selfie pictures are clear, if not, please retake the pictures.

Once we have reviewed your information, you will receive an email to confirm acceptance of your information. Some applications will be verified immediated, but others may take up to 72 hours if the photos are not very clear. If we are unable to verify your pictures, we may request you to submit new photos.

Please click here to check your KYC status.

Stage 1

Naviate to MEW

Stage 2

Select "Sign Message" in Footer

Stage 3

Enter your Emaill Address, and Unlock Wallet

Stage 4

Press "Sign Message"

Stage 5

Copy Text and Enter on Our Website

Stage 6

Wait for KYC Invitation Email

Stage 7

Open KYC Email on your Phone: Click Link

Stage 8

Link Opens Android/Apple Store - Install MyVerify App

Stage 9

Open MyVerify App

Stage 10


Stage 11

Enter your mobile number and text message verification code

Verify Phone
Stage 12

Select ID Country and ID Type

Select ID
Stage 13

Take picture of the front of your ID

ID Front
Stage 14

Take picture of the back of your ID

ID Back
Stage 15

Take your selfie

Stage 16

KYC Completed

KYC Complete
Stage 17

Wait for KYC Confirmation Email