Roadmap to Platform Launch Roadmap to Platform Launch
Phase 1
Demo Platform - Launched 18 October 2017
Component Details Status
Trade Engine Build Erlang Trading Engine Complete
API Add Order Complete
API Remove Order Complete
API View Orderbook State Complete
API View Executions Complete
API List Instruments on Exchange Complete
Web UI Visualize and Interact Complete
Phase 2
Alpha Platform - Launched 12 September 2018
Component Details Status
Trade Engine Incremental Performance Improvements Complete
Rule Engine Tick Size, Wash Trading, User Liquidity ... Complete
Risk Engine Margin Level, Net Position, Theta Decay ... In Progress
API Ticker Complete
API Chart Data Feed Complete
API User Accounts - API Key In Progress
API User Accounts - Balances Complete
API User Accounts - Order Entry Complete
API User Accounts - Cancel Order Complete
API User Accounts - Modify Order Complete
API FIX (Financial Information Exchange) API Module Complete
Web UI / Database User Accounts - 2FA Complete
Web UI / Database User Administration Settings Complete
Web UI / Database User KYC Upload and Verification Complete
Web UI / Database Coin Pairs Complete
Web UI / Database User Accounts - Funding and Withdrawals In Progress
Wallets Ethereum Testnet Wallets - User Basis Complete
Wallets Bitcoin Testnet Wallets - User Basis In Progress
Consultation 3rd Party Advisors and Alpha Testers In Progress
Security Audit In Progress
Phase 3
MVP Platform - March 2019
Component Details Status
Web UI / Database Options Pairs In Progress
Wallets Upgrade BTC / BCH / ETH / ERC20 In Progress
Trading Fees Finalise Fee Structure
Security Audit
Risk Implement Knowledge Based Quizzes for Derivatives Trading Access
Consultation Roll out to Beta Testing Community
Phase 4
Limited Public Launch - May 2019
Component Details Status
All Continuous Improvement
Wallets Add Additional Cryptocurrency Support
Community Development
Topic Details
Social Channels Launch Dedicated Blog
Engage and Build our Community
Alpha / Beta Testers
Technical Articles Publish progress updates and information about platform features
Videos - General Q&A / AMA
Platform Demonstrations
Community Events
Videos - Educational How to Guides
Risk Management
Technical Analysis
Blockchain Events Attend community events to build our network and brand recognition
Singapore and UK
Media Exposure Exposure in news media:
The Merkle
Huffington Post
Team Growth Onboard subject matter experts