Our people are our greatest asset and biggest differentiator.
They also believe in having a lot of fun along the way.

Corporate Manager from the Energy Sector. Expert on Corporate Governance, Risk Management, Research and Remote Operations. C, Java Script, Visual Basic, Python, PHP, SQL, HTML
Head of Operations
Entrepreneur. Director at Snovits
Technologist, Project Manager and Senior Developer for Major International Banks; Including Standard Chartered, Barclays, Morgan Stanley, CLSA and Lehman Brothers
Navneet Kumar
Core Developer. Former Senior Business Analyst. Erlang / OTP, Python, Google App Engine, Google NoSQL Datastore, Google Cloud SQL
Jensen Ng Kian Sheng
Developer. Java, C++
Tan Wee Ching
Developer. C, C++, Java, Visual Basic .NET, SQL
Suba Shiniie
UI / UX. HTML, AngulaJS, Angula2, PHP, Java, Java Script, Knockout, Laravel
Regulatory Advisor
Extensive experience of Capital Markets Regulation within Asia, including exchange-specific regulation, market supervision, monitoring, policy setting, compliance and audit.
Blockchain Advisor
Software Consultant and Blockchain Developer with industry experience and ties to numerous blockchain developments.
Corporate Investment Advisor
Investment Analyst with close connections to Private Capital in both the FIAT and Cryptocurrency Markets.
Exchange Operations Advisor
Veteran Operations Manager with a long track record of developing Exchange businesses within Asia. Strong focus on compliance, data and trade analysis, and complex financial instruments.