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Software Solutions

Our flagship product is an order matching system, complete with associated database and infrastructure. We have a number of other products in development and will release them at the appropriate time.

We utilize the latest and greatest technologies in our exchange systems. The order matching system is built using Erlang and utilizes a number of other technologies around the periferie. The primary deployment package is a Kubernetes container orchestration.

DST Token

The DST token sale was completed in October 2018, and are no longer for sale.

Dimensions Network is focused on the licensing out exchange software solutions, where a share of the revenue from this will be allocated towards rewarding DST token holders.

The DST token contract can be found at the following address: 0x68d53441c0e253f76c500e551bdea3d102206c9a

The DST token follows the ERC-20 standard for tokens on the Ethereum (ETH) network, and uses all 18 decimal places

The Solidity code can be found on our Github page, and is also published on Etherscan alongside the token tracker.

VST Token

Vaults Network is a spin off project from Dimensions Network to capture the decentralized investment market.

VST is a new governance token issued by Vaults Network. For more information, please check out the official Vaults Network website.

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